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Vulvodynia - There is hope!

Vulvodynia is defined as chronic vulvar pain with no identifiable cause.  The pain may be provoked or unprovoked, generalized or localized and can affect women of any age.  Vulvodynia is often a frustrating condition that can affect relationships, self-esteem and many aspects of a woman's life.  The diagnoses of "vulvodynia" is frequently made when evaluations by medical providers fail to identify the cause of pain.  More often than not, the diagnosis of vulvodynia happens when common vulvovaginal skin conditions are not recognized.  This may include hormonal or even autoimmune skin disorders.  Knowledge of these disorders and other frequent but less well-known vulvovaginal conditions is essential to correctly identifying the source of  pain.  Fortunately there is hope!  Regardless of the etiology, most cases of "vulvodynia" can be helped and women can have a normal life.

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