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BRCA Genetic Testing

The Arizona Vulva Clinic offers genetic testing for hereditary cancers (BRCA and Lynch Syndrome) through Myriad laboratory

Did you know that your family history is an important part of your healthcare? Did you know that most insurance plans will pay for your genetic testing depending upon your personal and family cancer history?  Knowing your risks for hereditary cancer is vital to you and your family.  Some cancers such as breast, ovarian and colon cancer may be linked to genetic mutations (BRCA or Lynch Syndrome mutations).  Based upon your family history, a simple blood draw can be performed in the office and sent for genetic analysis at Myriad genetic laboratories. Recommendations for your individualized surveillance and treatment are made according to your test results.  This information provided through genetic testing helps you make better, more informed treatment decisions.  Please call our office today for an appointment or with any questions about hereditary cancer testing now available at the Arizona Vulva Clinic.

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